A pestering primate is wreaking havoc at the junkyard where you work. It may be our closest relative, but that doesn’t mean it can go bananas and spoil your lunch break. It’s time to Spank the Monkey!

Pleasing the boss and getting the reward is serious monkey business. To reach the monkey, pile whatever junk you can find into dangerously unstable towers and start climbing. Tear down your opponents’ towers whilst protecting your own. Just make sure that you’re the first to Spank the Monkey.

How to play

The monkey starts at a height equal to 14 minus the number of players. Each turn you may add to the height of your tower by putting a Junk card on top of the tower. There are Junk cards such as Pinball Machine, Dinosaur Skeleton and Port-a-potty. Every Junk card has a certain height and certain strength. You may also reinforce your tower by putting a Reinforcement card next to your top Junk card.

When you’re finished building you may attack Junk cards in your opponents’ towers using Attack cards such as Chainsaw or Wasp’s Nest. Your opponents may protect themselves using Defense cards. You resolve the attack by rolling a die and comparing the result with the strength of the target.

At the end of your turn you may try to spank the monkey if you’re high enough. The deck also includes a number of Special cards that you may play at various times for surprising effects. For example you can create an earthquake threatening to destroy all towers or turn the monkey into a gorilla. Should the deck run out of cards there’s no more junk to be found in the junkyard and the monkey wins.